ATTA – Flautista 2015 – Full

In record time, less than a week after the concert, it is a privilege for me to be able to present you with the full multitrack audio and 6 camera video. The concert included classical music, rock n roll, prog and metal, 17 musicians on stage, lots of guests, the best night of my life, hope you enjoy it. PS. Thanks to my engineer Andrés Roncancio for mixing it superbly and quickly.


ATTA – La Zozobra (Live with Virtual Orchestra and EWI)

Here we were playing this song live for the first time in the city of Villavicencio, acompanied on video by the Symphonic Orchestra of Rock and the American EWI player Bernie Kennerson, and live painting and sculpting in a show called “Piano Show with 4 hands and 4 voices”.

4 hands and 4 voices Piano Show

This is a digest of a very nice event I played at in the city of Villavicencio called 4 hands and 4 voices Piano Show, soon I’ll post official videos from it  🙂

SOLSTICIO: Third and last single before release

Today we’re releasing Solsticio, the third and last single before the launch date of our debut album and YouTube videoseries of ATTA – Ultima Sagitta, Hope you enjoy it, it has english subtitles so you can learn a little bit of sexy spanish :3 – Don’t Forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive the videosone day before the rest of the world.

ATTA Orchestra Recording Documental

It has English Subtitles, be sure of turning CC on. 

The ORCHESTRA MAN is back – The Riddle(Gigi D’agostino – Nik Kershaw)

Well, I loved this song in my teens, and it has this interlude that reminds me of “Rick Wakeman – Stella Bianca” which is one of my favorite albums of all time. Also after I did the Roundabout Orchestra Man video I wanted to do a song playing everything at once, even the drums, and this song was the perfect one for it. Sorry for the lyrics, they were the last in my CPU priorities :3

Entrevista en el programa Motoqueer de la Emisora RadioDiversia

1888527_476724762433122_344835044_nEl Viernes 21 de febrero fuí entrevistado para hablar por primera vez en medios acerca de ATTA y su álbum debut Ultima Sagitta, de Introspección, así como se mostraron 5 temas inéditos de ATTA: Awaken Paralyzed(Segmento), Chain of Deception, Opportunity Lies Ahead(Segmento), Solsticio, Under the Rain(Segmento), y dos canciones de Introspección: Distant Love y Exile. La entrevista comienza en el minuto 17.

YES – Roundabout (One Man Band)

Well… despite all the mistakes and the bad singing I accomplished something I wanted for a long time, to do a song playing all instruments(except drums) and singing all at the same time, so here it is the legendary Roundabout, a song I met through Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, enjoy!

Second Teaser for ATTA – Ultima Sagitta

Well.. here it is, make fun of my accent 😛

Iceman (Gravitation) – Shining Collection (Gendou Idol Season 8: Round 3)

So I made it to the third round and I’m in the top 10 in this contest, wish me luck!!!, this is my third entry which I put a lot of effort and energy on, and I enjoyed very very much doing.